The simple and functional structure makes JUSTART grilles easy to employ both inside buildings, e.g. shopping centres, and outside, in detached buildings, protecting the entrances from unauthorized trespassing. The structure facilitates their adaptation to the existing entranceways.

Thanks to a broad range of materials and fittings, you may adjust the appearance of grilles to satisfy individual needs. In addition to the most popular metallic colours of galvanized steel or aluminium, there are also varnished rolling grilles available in any RAL colours. Moreover, any pattern may be cut, e.g. logotype or other graphic device or words, being an original and eye-catching advertisement.

In the range of grilles we have on offer, you may find galvanized steel profiles, varnished steel profiles, and aluminium profiles. They may be either solid or openwork profiles with various perforation shapes. Subject to the place of installation, you may freely select the degree of transparency of profiles, depending on how necessary it is to ensure good ventilation and eye contact, e.g. in underground garages, shopping centres or ventilated warehouses.

All JUSTART standard grilles are equipped with protection systems preventing grilles from being lifted if the lock is on, and with manual emergency release. A UPS is an optional feature, i.e. the system may automatically close the grilles in the event of a power outage.

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