Glass windows have become the basic component of stores, restaurants and other commercial companies for which the design of the interior and attractive display are an important component of a business strategy. Large-format windows are very impressive and brightly static, but, too, highlight the displays and interiors attracting customers with a beautifully arranged space. They are perfect for shopping centres hospitably inviting customers to learn what is on offer. They are also a good alternative for traditional partitions in offices dividing the space, and provide the natural light. Narrow framework profiles and minimalistic form make the fittings hardly visible strengthening the impression of full transparency.

Our shop windows have all the necessary certificates and are compliant with all the conditions of developments in public areas. By applying thick tempered glass of particular technical parameters you are guaranteed full safety and durability of the product. A wide range of glass types (traditional, matt, sandblasted, decorative) and colours (coloured throughout the mass, laminated) allows for adapting a glass structure to individual needs of customers.

We are inviting you to get acquainted with our glass windows and partitions. JUSTART glass structures are solutions adapted to the individual needs of our corporate customers.


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